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We believe financial planning should be powered by dreams. For some of our clients, however, the engine is fear. Fear that they will outlive their money, their special-needs adult child will be left alone in the world to fend for his or herself or that their family will not respect their values or wishes.

For these clients, we offer peace of mind. We have an extensive network of relationships and resources that we call upon to help our clients. From proven and trusted handymen and reliable home care nurses, to attorneys, social workers or psychologists, we help our clients let go of their fears so they can focus on their dreams.



We believe the client-financial planner relationship is one of the most important relationships in life.

Brandon Financial Planning is not for everyone. If you prefer to constantly monitor your investments personally, watch the market daily and make a lot of risky moves, we’re probably not the right financial planner. If you want seasoned experts to steward your wealth and help it grow while you concentrate on your family and your dreams, this could be the beginning of a very rewarding and long-lasting relationship.



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Brandon Financial Planning
5101 Wheelis, Suite 112
Memphis, TN 38117
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  • With Bear Market Eight Months Old And Stocks 17% Off High, A Reminder

    With Bear Market Eight Months Old And Stocks 17% Off High, A Reminder

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