At Brandon Financial Planning, we were one of the first companies in the region to offer financial services for a flat fee. You pay one annual fee for a year of our services, and we focus only on what’s best for you.

No matter how complicated your finances get or how many financial emergencies you have, we are there. Other companies auto-renew contracts to maintain customers whether they are satisfied or not. We review our relationships every year to make sure our clients are completely confident and satisfied with our work. Only then do we renew the relationship for the following year.

At Brandon Financial Planning, we have to re-earn our clients’ business every year, and it’s one reason we have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.


We start each client relationship with a plan. The goal isn’t money for money’s sake. Our mission is to guide clients in using their money and earning power to help them accomplish what they want to achieve in life, whether it’s building a Fortune 500 business, endowing a chair at their alma mater or retiring to a beachfront home.

For example, if you were a client, we would familiarize ourselves with your dreams and fears, your assets and debts, and your lifestyle and spending habits. We understand that money is often tied to very personal and emotional issues, and we take special care in addressing those concerns.

With your dreams in sight, we would customize a plan to get you on track for success as you define it. Parts of the plan are in our court, such as selecting your investments, safeguarding your assets and reducing your tax liability. Other plan elements are in your family’s court. These might include paying off debt, maxing out your 401(k), revving up your investment pace or selling property. Because a plan is only as effective as its execution, we monitor your progress and help you stay on track. When you face situations that can “derail” your plan, you’re never alone, we’re always there to help you work through them.

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